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Dr Rick Speare's foreword to the new manual
"The Care Of Macropods"

For about a decade in the last century I had the delight and anguish of living with orphaned ....

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Shannon Grange Exotics I currently publish a nation-wide magazine concerning alternative and exotic animals in captivity. Linda is a valued contributor to the magazine Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science I have had the pleasure of meeting Lynda Staker during a lecture she was invited to give to the Australian Veterinary Associations Special Interest Group USA-Perfect Pets Inc I first became acquainted with Lynda Staker of Proserpine, Australia, three years ago through her authoritative manual Don't Step Backwards
Help For Wildlife It gives me a great deal of pleasure in providing a reference for Lynda - a lady who I feel, has changed the face of wildlife education here in Victoria James Cook University I have known Lynda Staker for 14 years through a shared interest in diseases of marsupials.Lynda's understanding and knowledge of diseases of marsupials, particularly macropods, is impressive Wildlife Mountain Sanctuary I have known Lynda Staker for the past 3 years, being referred to her for advise in regards to Macropods by my local veterinary clinic who deems her the leading authority on Macropod rearing, rehabilitation and diseases.
Cooloola Wildlife Carer's Assoc., Inc. Your workshop with our group was the best Macropod workshop of any kind my carers have attended,also your Manual has been a wonderful help to us all. Townsville Vet Clinic As one of the local "wildlife" veterinarians and as a wildlife carer myself, I came to know Lynda Staker as an invaluable source of information on marsupial and monotreme husbandry, medicine and hand-rearing of wild animals Fauna Rescue of SA The manual "Don't Step Backwards" written by Lynda Staker has proved a invaluable resource and is used as a reference book by Fauna Rescue and many other wildlife organisations.
Triad Exotic Animal Rescue If it weren't for Lynda's knowledge, time and concern we would not have been able to save many of the animals that have come into our facility Kojonup District High School Lynda Staker is a person of extraordinary ability in the field of Australian Native Animals. On an international scale her work is known through the use of her comprehensive manuals. Daylesford Wildlife Shelter I have no hesitation in stating that I believe Ms Lynda Staker is a pioneer in the area of Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation and care, and is a specialist in the field management, care and clinical diagnosis and treatment of Australian Marsupials.
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