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New political party, Animal Justice Party The time has come for animals to have a voice in the political arena. Animal Rights/Welfare is the next social justice movement and everyone can be a part of it. Please go to this website below to see how you can make a difference. Help end the suffering and become a voice for those without one. http://www.facebook.com/l/6fdcf;www.animaljusticeparty.org/About_the_AJP.html There you will find forms for both NSW and Federal memebrship. At this point no memebership fee is payable, and its important to get 750 members for the ANIMAL JUSTICE PARTY to be registered as a political party. Other States will follow. It is important you fill in your name exactly as it appears on the Electoral Roll, otherwise your application will be invalid. You can download membership forms from the website. Please post to this address only... Animal Justice Party, P.O. Box 3126, Blakehurst 2221, Sydney NSW http://www.facebook.com/l/6fdcf;www.animaljusticeparty.org/About_the_AJP.html The animals need you......

Oppose the Shooters Bill Join us in a show of public support to protect our national parks from hunting and stop the threat of private game reserves.
Hear the key players debate the measures proposed by the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill.
Speakers will include:

    Professor Tony Peacock
    CEO Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
    Laurie Levy
    veteran activist from the Campaign Against Duck Shooting, Victoria
    Robert Brown
    MLC, Shooters’ Party
    Lee Rhiannon
    MLC, NSW Greens
    Catherine Cusack
    Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability NSW Government speaker - tbc
    Cate Faehrmann
    Executive Director, Nature Conservation Council of NSW (MC)

Please take five minutes and visit www.naturensw.org
Here you can:
* find out more about the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill’s extreme proposals.
* send a cyberaction urging our political leaders to wholly reject the proposed Bill.
* get further details on the Public Meeting in Ku-ring-gai on Tuesday 25th August.
* locate other meetings across the state being coordinated by our member groups: Colong Foundation ; Sutherland Shire Environment Centre ;
Blue Mountains Conservation Society ; and the Environmental Defenders Office and North Coast Environment Council .
Make a difference by attending the Public Meeting at Ku-ring-gai Town Hall on Tuesday 25th August and bring along like-minded friends and family.
Please help spread the word about the Public Meeting by forwarding this email to your networks.
More details at www.naturensw.org or call 02 9279 2466 .

The Public Meeting on the Shooters Bill is presented by the Parks and Native Animals Protection Coalition (PANAP): Colong Foundation for Wilderness, Humane Society International, Invasive Species Council, National Parks Association of NSW, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, WIRES, The Wilderness Society and Total Environment Centre.

As part of a coalition of environment organisations and animal welfare groups, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW is holding a Public Meeting on the Shooters' Bill on Tuesday 25th August in Ku-ring-gai and have assembled a great range of speakers to debate the issues. We'd like to gather a really strong show of community support against the proposal.
Please visit www.naturensw.org

Wallaby Plant Closed One of Tasmania's smaller meatworks is shutting down and laying off workers. The abattoir on Flinders Island in Bass Strait will close its doors next Wednesay. Flinders Island Quality Meats sells wallaby and milk fed baby lamb to some of the country's best restaurants. Manager Gayle Grace says problems with shipping, severe drought, and the costs of doing business from Flinders Island are all factors in its demise. "We've worked very hard, we've put the Flinders Island brand name out there," she says. "It's been extremely well received, we've built up our wallaby brand, and belted our heads against the wall." *ABC
Ed Comment; In 2006 WPAA, AWPC, and other groups appealed the Flinders Island wallaby kill in the Federal AAT. We lost the appeal due to the weakness of the EPBC Act. The Tasmanian Government spent many thousands of dollars opposing our Appeal, employing a very clever and expensive legal team to shoot down our arguments. Anyway, the plan was to send wallaby skins to Italy and Asia to use on garments, for fur coats and garment trimming. We know now that only a few skin samples were sent overseas, and no buyers were found. The wallaby meat had a very limited market in Tasmania, and even more limited on the Mainland. So now the processing plant has closed....and good riddance..... However in 2003 they dropped enough 1080 over Flinders Island to kill 40,000 wallabies, if there were that many there. None of the baits were recovered, and few bodies were found. So who ate the carrot baits? Nobody knows. And will they use 1080 again on the wallabies? Probably. Tasmanian produce...lean and green...we dont think so......

Kangaroos killing fields Greenfield land north of Caloundra Road (Sunshine Coast) could be the Coast's killing fields of the near future. More than 100 kangaroos are isolated between Caloundra Road, Corbould Way, Bellflower and Sippy Downs to the north, Kawana Way, Birtinya and Kawana to the east, and the Bruce Highway to the west. As development encroaches, the kangaroos are being incrementally pushed to starvation and extinction, as each new development pushes wildlife into smaller land pockets. The situation has prompted calls for a coastal wildlife management plan. Animals are also being killed on newly built roads, prompting alarm at local schools where students have witnessed such events. A council spokesman for a working group studying the Coast's kangaroo mobs said the problem was not imminent, but in two to five years, it would be.
He said the coastal population regarded kangaroos as being as culturally significant as our beaches. (The species) is not endangered but what has happened is we are clearing vegetation and the population has increased. That's the biology, the spokesman said. The public have attached themselves to kangaroos. They are a big attribute in a tourist town. The spokesman said a new minerals extraction plant at Meridan Plains would exacerbate the problem. Mooloolah River catchment spokeswoman Jan Kesby said she had spoken to Main Roads about community concerns. She said the department was doing some good work but I think Coast wildlife should be under a management program. We need to get everyone involved, Ms Kesby said. We won't have any kangaroos left in 10 years time.
Environment councillor Keryn Jones said developers were obliged to remove wild life and fence off land before work could begin, but Main Roads is not under the same edict when building roads such as Corbould Way. A Main Roads spokeswoman said the department had a good track record of installing fauna protection on the Coast and (it) will also be considered for all future projects on the Coast. The department is already an active participant (in) the working group headed by Sunshine Coast council (environment manager) Dr Stephen Skull, she said. Kangaroo mobs which could also potentially be isolated at Twin Waters and Coolum are also being studied. *Sunshine Coast