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Killing Kangaroos, Australia's Icon
These are the horrific facts of what is occurring in Australia every night. It is the graphic, horrendous reality of the demise of the kangaroos. Our government has blood on their hands and the mongrels who kill our beloved kangaroos will most assuredly go to hell for their crime against the innocents.
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Debate: Kangaroo culling in Australia In many parts of Australia, the government has been implementing a policies in which kangaroo populations are culled (killed) to stop them from over-populating, damaging Australia's ecosystem and causing a host of other problems. In recent years protests over these government programs has become particularly acute...
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Oppose the Shooters Bill
Join us in a show of public support to protect our national parks from hunting and stop the threat of private game reserves.
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Kangaroos may hold key to preventing Skin Cancer We know they are special creatures and now science is finding out as well
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New political party, Animal Justice Party The time has come for animals to have a voice in the political arena.
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Wallaby Plant Closed One of Tasmania's smaller meatworks is shutting down and laying off worker
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Kangaroos killing fields Land north of Caloundra could be killing fields of the near future
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Our latest video is Drive-By Shootings -- Wrong
Please share this video far and wide.Despite some confronting scenes, this simply must be seen.
New, long lasting teats! Read More
"Burston Blues" are new teats made of non toxic silicone, designed for all types of animals and made by wildlife carers, Jo and Glen Burston of Western Australia. The beauty of these teats is that they far outlast latex teats and Glen has made all the types of teats normally used for macropods, including the syringe teats.

You can contact Lynda by phone on 0432 232 540 (If calling from outside Australia +61 432 232 540)

I am a lecturer and author specialising in the field of macropod husbandry, rehabilitation, and the clinical signs and treatment of disease. Although I have reared many Australian fauna species, my forte is predominantly with macropods, as they were the most commonly presented to my private wildlife hospital, which I maintained between the years of 1989 to 2003.

I began caring for injured/orphaned/sick native fauna in 1986 and have continued my interest over the past 25 years.

Professor Rick Speare was my mentor throughout this period and it was his original work on macropod disease that induced me to begin compiling my own findings. I am particularly interested in the nutritional requirements of macropods, as the ratio of fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins change throughout their development.

In 2000, I relocated and began donating more of my time to educating carer groups with my four-day lectures, completing a lecture tour of six Australian States in 2001-2002.

In 2002 I was sponsored to speak at the Macropod Conference in Ohio, U.S.A. Whilst in the United States, I was invited to work in an Australian themed wildlife park in Kentucky. I was able to carry out this request during 2003-2004; where I had a very fulfilling working relationship with the local veterinarian.

My responsibilities included designing and erecting new exhibits, creating a veterinary facility for our animals in need of treatment, educating the animal keepers, designing appropriate diets for the 300 odd animals species, researching information for and creating the Animal Keepers' training manual.
To date I have conducted 76 lectures to wildlife carer groups, zoos, veterinarians and wildlife park keepers throughout all the Australian states.

My previous manual The Complete Guide to The Care of Macropods is used in 34 countries throughout the world.

My new manual Order a copy of the new manual Macropod Husbandry, Healthcare & Medicinals is now available

The most comprehensive work on macropods available, containing over 900 pages published in two volumes and complimented with over 3,000 coloured photographs.

Ideal for macropod carers/rescuers, veterinarians and captive facilities, this husbandry manual includes hand rearing aspects of unfurred to furred joeys, and the care of adults; a huge section on captive husbandry and dietary needs, including a large section on the plants that macropods eat; 25 pages on the drugs used for macropods, haematology and bio chemistry values, chemical restraint, a reference guide to clinical signs of disease, and over 500 pages on diseases, ailments and injuries including x-rays and surgical procedures.

With contributions from veterinarians, captive facilities and macropod carers and rescuers, this manual has taken 4 years to compile and is a compilation of information gleaned from over 28 years of working with macropods.

Facilities using my macropod husbandry manuals include zoos, macropod keepers, universities and veterinary clinics. It has received reviews by both the German and American Association of Zookeepers, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and Wildlife Australia. This work is referred to as the macropod carer's 'bible' throughout the world, as it is the only one of its type. These manuals are now available from Canada and the Netherlands. E-mail me for the suppliers contact information.
I have been available for advice to macropod keepers on the on-line yahoo wallaby group for the past 10 years.

I am available for assistance via e-mail or telephone on 0432 232 540 (If calling from outside Australia +61 432 232 540)

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